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For the food sector, especially the food packaging industry, it is autumn that marks the time of sowing, not spring. At the PAKFOOD Food Industry Packaging Fair in Poznań on September 21-24, 2015, companies will find a rich environment in which to implement solid future business contacts.

The precision of PAKFOOD

Poznań International Trade Fair is the host of two business meetings for the food packaging industry branch. The PAKFOOD trade fair is organized on odd years, while the TAROPAK trade fair is hosted on even years. But it is only during the PAKFOOD trade fair that people from the food packaging industry have the chance to utilize the potential of an event dedicated strictly to food packaging. The POLAGRA-TECH trade fair, held at the same time, presents further business opportunities for the exhibitors.

Across the entire packaging market, over 60% of products are dedicated for use in the food industry. PAKFOOD is the place to present worldwide trends in packaging techniques, packaging production technology for the food industry and packaging design. Meetings and conversations about the future of the food packaging sector and a forum of modern solutions including packaging, machinery and technical consulting aimed at a focused group of recipients all take place here.


62 billion zlotys in 2015!

Forecasts by Euromonitor International predicting that the value of the packaged food market will grow to 62 billion zlotys this year is a signal for the industry to be especially attentive and disciplined in business. Entrepreneurs active in the sector of food packaging should utilize every opportunity to take advantage of the current economic situation. The PAKFOOD trade fair is a chance to explore new opportunities to co-operate with food producers. The main advantage of presenting one's offer at the Poznań Trade Fair exhibition halls is avoiding a virtual relation with a potential client. A face-to-face meeting with representatives of numerous companies will allow enterprises for a true confrontation of their offer with the needs of the market, but it will also give them a chance to accurately assess their potential business partner. Taking into account that according to data published at the beginning of the year, the largest segment of the packaged food industry are dairy products, whose value is estimated at about 16 billion zlotys in 2015, there is definitely something to fight for. At the PAKFOOD trade fair exhibitors have a unique opportunity to diagnose the consumer market. The knowledge and business contacts thus gained will allow them to make strategic and correct decisions regarding the further development of their companies.

While hosting the PAKFOOD trade fair, Poznań International Trade Fair carries out its promotion plan from the very moment that a company applies to participate by granting them exposure, as well as many weeks after the trade fair concludes. The host encourages companies to fully exploit the marketing potential and not to limit their thinking only to their stand. The trade fair in Poznań offers much more. What is crucial to the success of this trade fair is that the organizer works in strict co-operation with companies from the industry and with food, packaging and printing associations, analyzes market trends, observes and draws conclusions from the economic situation and the position of the companies.


The fact that the PAKFOOD trade fair takes place concurrently with the POLAGRA-TECH International Trade Fair of Food Processing Technologies and the POLAGRA FOOD International Trade Fair for Food is also crucial. The food technology and packaging technology industries are closely connected and hosting the two fairs together creates a comprehensive event that supports the process of diversification while at the same time optimizing the costs and time of both exhibitors and guests. Additionally, a trade fair that is visited by food producers is another positive factor improving the business effectiveness of exhibitors from the packaging industry.

The host of the PAKFOOD trade fair has taken into account the interaction between various factors, which will allow companies to gain more. Why? Because of the synergy, long-term activities and well-planned strategy of providing trade fair clients with professional guests. Moreover, the constant development of the trade fair for the food industry, which is conducted with attention to the current economical situation makes the trade fair the place not only for current, but also for future business opportunities for the companies involved – opportunities that are worth preparing for today.


Aside from the POLAGRA-TECH and POLAGRA FOOD trade fairs mentioned before, the POLAGRA GASTRO International Trade Fair for Gastronomy and the INVEST HOTEL Hotel Industry Trade Fair will also take place at the same time this year, forming a comprehensive offer and setting a new benchmark for the industry under the slogan “HORECA's meeting in Poznań”.

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