We kindly invite you to visit Poznań International Fair! Here you will find business contacts, novelties and the chance to develop your passions. In the latest issue of Poznan Fair Magazine "Exhibition calendar 2017" we present trade fair events, organized by the International Fair for almost all industries.

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25-28th of September 2017

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We kindly invite you to read the latest issue of "Poznań Fair Magazine". We invite you particulary to read about the GOLDEN MARKETING CONFERENCE, which take place in November. The main topic of this year conference will be neuromarketing, innovation and personalization. PMT readers’ interested in participation in the conference can take adventage of special discount.

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PAKFOOD – new era of packaging

It was one of the most interesting editions of the PAKFOOD Fair in the recent years. The industry has been developing intensively and the possibility of having the activity funded with European funds is a sort of a prop shaft driving the food packaging sector. The exposition and its accompanying events were fitted to the needs of companies, so that the fair’s clients, engaged in the exposition and filled with energy, entered the market in order to reach the opportunities it has to offer.

To be honest, there are things to fight for! It is enough to take into account the dynamic development of the dairy market, which has been observed for some years now. Dairy products constitute the largest segment of packed food. At present, it is estimated at PLN 16 billion 2015, being the second fastest-developing segment following the sweets (PLN 9 billion in 2015). What is more, over the last couple of years, the demographic changes, lifestyle, environment protection and expansion determined the directions of development of the industry. This is not the end, though! It was right here at PAKFOOD that the packaging sector had an opportunity to get ready and programmed to go ahead of the changes taking place on the market. The conditions were very favorable owing to the exposition accompanied by lots of novelties, conferences and trainings, both including those technical ones like “Food packaging. Chosen problems. Labeling foil” and those referring to the ways of acquiring European grants, as well as marketing trainings.

The projects consequently carried out as part of the POLAGRA Fair over a long time, their development, evolution, and their strategy, fitted to the needs of the industry, make it possible to emphasize the fact that Poznań International Fair has created a strong brand which gathers the whole food sector. The realization of the business strategy of the synergy of branches, which correlate thematically, results in an impressive and complex event. Such an event supports the diversification process, yet optimizing the costs and the time of both exhibitors and visitors. Thanks to the accumulation of offers in the same place at the same time, business needs of all those interested in the sector are fulfilled.


Work on the coming edition already in progress

It was an exceptional edition which included lots of market novelties, offers prepared perfectly by the exhibitors, as well as an agenda filled with useful additional events. We are following the changes taking place in the branch, but, above all, we are following its needs. Knowledge and experience are the key components to prepare a good business event. Therefore, while working on the upcoming edition, we always begin with an in-depth analysis of opinions and the needs of the fair’s potential visitors. Later, we go on to realize our objective, which is a successful business marriage of our exhibitors and their clients, the visitors. As a result of an intensive promotional campaign in foreign media, this year the fair events were visited by numerous delegations of company owners and presidents of such countries as Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, and Belarus,” says Joanna Jasińska, director of POLAGRA TECH and PAKFOOD. “We consider the time spent on business talks with both exhibitors and visitors to be a valuable source of information about the industry; we make use of the information as early as today in order to prepare the next edition of this successful fair event. Next year, the Exhibition of Baking and Confectionery Technologies will be the main theme of POLAGRA TECH, whereas in two years’ time the main theme will again be concentrated around the Exhibition of Meat and Fish Technologies and PAKFOOD, a packaging range for the food industry. Yet, every single year we try to develop the Exhibition of Food Technologies which offers great promotional potential concerning technologies for the fruit and vegetable processing and the dairy industry,” she adds.

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